Changing your password

Salasanan vaihto

There are several ways to change your password:

1. On a workstation on the JAMK campus (for staff and students)

  • Log onto an Windows -workstation
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Del
  • Select “Change Password”
  • Type in your old password and a new one

2. Using Finnish bank account with online access

  • Go to the address:
  • Click “authenticate”
  • Select your bank
  • Log in with your personal online bank account number/pin
  • Check that all information provided by bank is correct
  • Service lists all accounts you have on JAMK, select the one which you want to change password for
  • Type in the new password

If you don’t have appropriate bank account with online access and/or you are not working at the campus, change your password as follows:

  • Open the Citrix remote desktop connection
  • After the connection has opened, click start-menu and select “Windows security”
  • Select “change password”
  • Write your old password and provide a new one

Need more help? Please contact Student Services