Printing prices

Printing practices and charges at JAMK

We are using same printing policies in all JAMK campus areas. After 1.1.2016 print charges are as follows:

Printing quotas and charges

– Each student gets 6 euros worth of credits for their studying time (equal to 200 A4 sized B&W pages)
– If these credits are not enough, users can purchase more credits from campus libraries

One page B&W A4 = 3 cents
One page B&W A3 = 6 cents
One page Colour A4 = 6 cents
One page Colour A3 = 12 cents

If paper runs out, please call JAMK janitor services (gsm 040 5570822).

Attention Thesis’s Authors!
Before printing your thesis be sure that the campus printer setting is print one-sided. The default setting is two-sided and you had to change that due to the thesis publishing rules. This also saves your print quota.

Checking the print quota
You can check your print quota and history by logging into the print management service –>
Click here to log in to the print management service (opens a new window).

The service is only accessible through JAMK’s internal campus network.