Remote desktop connections and software

Työpöydän etäkäyttö

Some of the programs and/or services that are commonly used in JAMK can only be accessed from within our own network. Remote usage of some of those services is possible through “Remote desktop connection”. This is done with Citrix Xenapp and Xendesktop -servers/services, which are used by installing Citrix Receiver -client software.

There is client software available to almost all devices/platforms.

Citrix Receiver

It is required to install Citrix Receiver -client software to workstation/device. With Windows and Mac -platforms the client can be downloaded using web browser from the same address where service is used after the client is installed:

Mobile devices require that the Citrix Receiver is downloaded from software deposit/market.

Linux-version can be downloaded from Citrix -website

Notice! At the moment there is no Citrix Receiver client available to Windows Phone 7.x devices.

Usage rights

Citrix remote desktop connections are available for JAMK staff and students. Both user groups has their own dedicated and secured servers from which softwares are distributed.

License is for 40 concurrent users. JAMK Data administration tracks license usage and we will purchase more licenses if needed.

Software on servers

There are almost all common JAMK programs installed, that are allowed to be accessed remotely by their license. Some library software is also installed.


If remote connection is not used within 30min, the server drops the connection automatically.