Adobe Software

All workstations have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, which is also the default program for pdf files.

Adobe Creative Cloud programs on Jamk workstations:

  • On student computers, Adobe Acrobat + Photoshop (default) or all Creative Cloud programs
  • Jamk staff can install the Creative Cloud Desktop App and install any product they want.
    • MacOS users should contact ICT Services
  • Creative Cloud programs always require logging in with Jamk accounts

Navigate to staff workstations

Student workstations

  1. Start the desired program eg Adobe Acrobat DC
  2. In the sign in screen, enter your email address and press Continue
  3. If you get “Select an account” screen, select Company or School Account
  4. You will be automatically transferred to the Jamk login server. If automatic login does not work, enter your username and password in the login box that appears.
  5. After logging in, you can use installed programs

Staff workstations

  1. Start the Software Center application from the Windows desktop
  2. Find and open the Adobe Creative Cloud + Acrobat
  3. Click Install
    • If the Install button is not active, the Adobe software is installed already on your workstation
  4. Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat DC are installed by default
    • Adobe Acrobat DC will become the default program for pdf files
  5. Acrobat requires you to sign in the first time
    • Log in with the Jamk email address
    • If you get the Personal Account / Company or School Account check box, select Company or School Account
  6. You can install additional Adobe programs through the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application


  • With the Creative Cloud agreement, Adobe also offers cloud storage. Please note that this disk space is not backed up by Jamk’s ICT services. Access to disk space is blocked as soon as the account is locked. Always keep a backup of the files you store there.