AV services

Audiovisual services provided by JAMK’s Data Administration support teaching and work in a variety of ways. Modern and easy-to-use equipment with their software are available. For these, user support is provided when needed. Currently our services are:

  • distance lectures and implementation of web conferences
  • web videos and podcasts (production and distribution)

The following describes the services and gives instructions on how to use them.

Implementation of distance lectures and web conferences

VerkkokokousIn JAMK, we recommend distance lectures and web conferences be implemented primarily with the Adobe Connect Pro web conferencing system. In addition, the main campus offers a video conference room from where remote conferences can be arranged, both with video conferencing equipment as well as with Connect Pro. The video conference room can be booked through a classroom booking system. Mobile video equipment trolley are available at Main campus, Dynamo campus and Tarvaala campus. For reservations please send a helpdesk service request .

Web videos and podcasts


TuottaminenProduction of web videos and podcasts is, for the most part, carried out independently. When required, we arrange video and photo shooting equipment as a loan from the Data Administration, and we act as intermediaries to provide help in the form of cameramen and women from JAMK’s and Jyväskylä University’s common camera ring or from contracted camera businesses. You can ask HelpDesk to help you in your arrangements (AV services).

It is possible to produce video and sound material for teaching and publicity in the Studio (R35A102) on the main campus. For further information, please contact the departments’ e-learning designer designers or HelpDesk.


JakeluIn JAMK, it is possible to distribute teaching and publicity material in the form of web videos and podcasts through Moniviestin (a platform for publishing multimedia programmes). No user ID’s are needed for viewing direct transmissions and published video recordings or for listening to podcasts. It is possible to restrict viewing rights with the help of a pathkey. When intending to publish something, you may log into Moniviestin through the Haka log-in. A publishing right and a program page can be requested from HelpDesk (AV services).

Also Optima has tools for the recording and distribution of video and sound clips. The maximum length of a clip in Optima is 30 minutes, and its recording can be carried out with a web camera or microphone attached to a computer. The person who makes the recording with Optima’s management tools can define who is allowed to view the recording in Optima.

Use permits for video recordings

A permission is needed for videoing a lecture held by a visitor. The organizer of the lecture / the unit in charge of videoing will ensure that the lecturer is given a use permit before the lecture. The filled-in permit form with a signature added is to be returned to the unit in charge of the arrangements – to its new media designer or to the person responsible for videoing. In each unit, the permit forms are collected within one folder in an alphabetical order and stored for their validity period + 1 year (copyright). Use permits for a video recording (in Elmo)