Changes to Adobe Software! Staff: Upgrade to the latest Adobe Creative Cloud applications. Old versions will be automatically deleted

The new Adobe Agreement has resulted in the following changes.

  1. From now on, all workstations will have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software installed, which will also serve as the default PDF program.
  2. At least Adobe Acrobat DC and Photoshop are installed on all student computers. Some computers will have the entire Creative Cloud package installed. Installations are made as needed.
  3. All Adobe Creative Cloud programs require login. See information
  4. Permanent staff can install the latest versions according to the instructions. Help is available at
    • If you do not need Creative Cloud programs on your machine, you do not need to make any changes
  5. The new agreement also includes home access for permanent staff. More detailed instructions can be found at
  6. All legacy Adobe Creative Cloud applications will be automatically removed from all workstations during October due to expiration of license.