Citrix Receiver for Windows

Using web browser, go to: and log in with your own user account (picture 1) . Supported browsers on Windows are Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

Picture 1.

If Citrix Receiver -client software is not installed, or it is outdated the page asks if you would like to install the latest version. Accept license and click install (picture 2.)

Picture 2.

Depending on the the browser that is used, user might have to accept the installation of Citrix Receiver -client.
– Internet Explorer: Choose Run from the bar at the bottom of the screen and accept all questions (picture 3a)
– Google Chrome: Choose Open from the bar at the bottom of the screen and accept all questions (picture 3b)
– Mozilla Firefox:  At the “Opening CitrixReceiver.exe” prompt choose Save File and after download, click the right mouse button on file and choose Open (picture 3c)

Picture 3a Internet Explorer
Picture 3b Google Chrome
Picture 3c Mozilla Firefox

You can add programs to your Citrix Receiver desktop through “Add Apps” menu. If you have already added programs, you can add more of them from the link at the left side of the screen (picture 4).

Picture 4

Add your favourite programs to Citrix Receiver -desktop (picture 5).

Picture 5

Whenever you vant to use programs (or remote desktop) delivered through Citrix, browse to: