Custom register (Facility Renting) – Privacy Statement

GDPR (2016/679)

Updated: 24.1.2019

1 Name of the register

Custom register (facility renting)

2 Controller

Jamk University of Applied Sciences

P.O. Box 207

FI-40101 Jyväskylä, Finland

3 Contact person in matters related to the register, contact information during office hours

  • Director in charge of the register: Director of Administration Mikko R Salminen
  • Process owner: Facility Services Manager Ulla Mäntylä
  • Main users in content: Administrative planner Taru Särkkä firstname.surename[a]

4 Purpose of the processing of personal data

The purpose of processing personal data is to arrange facility renting.

5 Data contents of the register

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • e-mail
  • Organisation

6 Legal bases for processing personal data

When the data subject is party to a contract, his or her personal data may be processed for the performance of the contract

7 Regular information sources

Personal data is collected from the data subjects themselves.

8 Regular information disclose and information transfer outside the EU or the European Economic Area

Information is not regularly rendered to third parties. Data is not transmitted outside the EU or EEA, or international organizations.

9 Register protection principles

The register does not contain manually collected material.

Access to the system is limited at Jamk to specific persons and is determined by their working duties. The use of the system requires a user ID and a password. The staff and students from Jyväskylä Educational Consortium Gradia (vocational education of musicians and basic education in music and dance) can only see the facilities at their disposal.

All servers are located in a locked location and access is monitored. Servers are only allowed for administrators.

10 Retention period or criteria for determining

The administrator will delete the booking information two years after the end of the reservation.

11 Automatic decision-making/profiling

Automated profiling related to personal data is not conducted.

12 Rights of the Data Subject

User information is corrected according to notifications.
Read more information about the Jamk’s Privacy Policy, Data Protection Officer and the rights of the data subject and their implementation.