Default software on workstations

All JAMK workstations use basic template. Operating system is MS Windows 10 (older workstations may still use Windows 7). Besides basic software that comes with the OS, there may also be some other software installed depending the location of the workstation.

Software in basic template:

  • Windows 10 enterprise 64bit (operating system)
  • Microsoft office 2016 fi/en (Office programs, for example word processing ans spreadsheets etc.)
  • Forefront Endpoint Protection (virus checks)
  • 7-zip (archiving)
  • Adobe Acrobat (pdf-reader)
  • Adobe flash (browser animations etc.)
  • Java
  • Irfanview (picture viewer)
  • Notepad++ (text editor)
  • Putty (terminal program)
  • WinSCP (file transfer/copy)
  • Filezilla (file transfer)
  • Firefox (internet browser)
  • Google Chrome (internet browser)
  • Gimp (picture editing)
  • Media Player Classic