Do not hand your username/password to criminals!

There has been several news articles on media about how the users of various organizations have been receiving phishing email messages. These messages have appeared to be genuine and they have included a link to a page asking the user to change their password. Sometimes these have also been sent as text messages. The site that opens from the link has been used to collect usernames and passwords for criminals for various abuses.

If you receive such a message, do not click on the buttons/links in it. If the damage occurred and you have handed your ID and password to a third party, please change your password using these instructions and report the incident to the ICT-services via Helpdesk.

JAMK staff members have two factor authentication enabled, which reduces the possibility of these kind of scams. For students, the use of two factor authentication will become mandatory feature later in the fall of 2021.

NOTE! JAMK ICT-services never sends messages to users with a link to change their password without asking. JAMK only instructs users on Helpdesk website and intranet.