Eduroam username changes

After 19.10.2021 14:00, when logging in to the Eduroam wireless roaming network with JAMK account, the username must be entered as follows:


So from now on, staff and students will use the same username on Eduroam as when logging in to O365 services. In the past, staff’s username has been different, and after this change it will be fixed.

For staff, Eduroam is primarily intended for logging on to wireless networks other than home organization. When working wirelessly on JAMK’s campuses, staff must use a network called “JAMK-Staff” on computers maintained by ICT-services.

NOTICE! If you cannot join the Eduroam service and it has previously worked on your device, it is possible that you are required to “delete/forget” previously created connection and then add it again.

More information about the Eduroam roaming service:

Eduroam – Wlan Roaming Service