Email spam and virus checks

JAMK email system checks all incoming mails for spam, viruses and other malicious content.

Virus scanning

If system detects something malicious, it informs user about this if needed. Outgoing mails are not checked.

There are few attachment types that are not allowed (for example pif, lnk, cmd and bat).

Password protected archives can not be checked, so they are categorized as malicious automatically, even if there is nothing wrong with it. Password protected archives are pretty rare and if you receive one without expecting, it most likely contains a virus.

If you receive a message from JAMK’s email scanner, read instructions that it contains and if needed, please contact ICT-Services using Helpdesk.

Spam filtering

Email spam filtering mechanism sorts all incoming mails and gives them “spam points” based on typical spam mail patterns. If message gets certain amount of points, it is directed automatically to junk mail folder of receiver. It is not possible to filter out all spam mails automatically, if the are created cleverly enough and that is why some spam messages are able to pass through scanner.