Funet Zoom Network Meeting System to replace Adobe Connect

Funet Zoom Network Meeting System will completely replace Adobe Connect by the end of year 2018, as Adobe Connect has proven to be unreliable due to its obsolete technology. Adobe Connect will be usable until the end of the year. Zoom has been tested with the test team and it has proven to provide better experience than ACP.

Funet Zoom is an easy-to-use, next-generation HD-level virtual meeting service designed to meet the needs of today’s mobile researcher, student and teacher. The range of tools in Zoom is approximately the same as that of Adobe Connect, so it is also suitable for hybrid teaching. It is possible to store meetings either on the cloud or on your computer. Everyone in Jamk’s staff can use Zoom for work or for teaching assignments,  at From there, you should download Zoom software to your machine for better user experience. You can also download the software from the Software Center. This video guide tells you how to get started (It’s in Finnish, sorry):

With Zoom, you can organize meetings with up to 100 simultaneous participants and share content with multiple integrated tools on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android devices. In addition to 100 participants, Jamk has 5 Large Room (max 300 participants) and 5 Webinar (max 500 participants), licenses. Separate instructions will be prepared for their reservation.

Trainings will be in held the next autumn and some instructions are coming later. Most urgent users should head to Zoom’s own Help Center:

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