Helpdesk news

  • Failure mode regarding the Funet Miitti Storage service. "Record to the Cloud" recordings do not reach the end user. We are currently investigating whether they are now stored anywhere.Use local recording until the matter is resolved.The situation can also be monitored by:
  • M365 services have been experiencing issues on Monday evening 5.6 and again today, Tuesday 6.6. Microsoft is investigating the situation.
  • Jamk's Moodle will be updated to version 4.1 at the beginning of August. Moodle will not be available on 1.8.2023 at all due to the update.With the update, the use of Moodle becomes clearer in both the teacher and the student view. In the update, Moodle's dashboard will be renewed and will show upcoming deadlines and assignments more clearly than before. Course navigation becomes clearer and course search more diverse. The activity and material icons will be renewed and their colors will indicate how they work.
  • This is a reminder for not to open any suspicious messages/attachments, or click the links within them. Even messages from colleagues cannot always be trusted since the sender information may be faked or account may have been breached.