Home use licenses

With different campus agreements, staff and students can also use the software on home machines. Please note that the license terms determine how you can use the software. The end user must ensure that the license terms are complied.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching
Sign in using the JAMK email address at https://aka.ms/devtoolsforteaching

  • Includes a large number of Microsoft products such as Windows 10, Windows Server, Visual Studio, SQL Server
  • All products intended for learning and research. Commercial use is not allowed.
  • Students can get a $ 100 Azure money. Learn more at https://aka.ms/student
  • This replaces previous Microsoft imagine / dreamspark downloads on jamk.onthehub.com

Microsoft Office
See separate instructions.

Kivuto onthehub online shop
Sign in with JAMK IDs at https://jamk.onthehub.com

  • Includes programs and services provided by different suppliers
  • Students have access to Windows 10 Education, which is free to use on home machines!
  • For programs and services, JAMK does not provide support. The online store partner is Kivuto. For more help, see the help link at the top right of the online store
  • It is always a good idea to have a backup of downloaded programs and license codes!