How to enable strong authentication (MFA)

Strong authentication (MFA) allows more secure login to services, as it makes it possible to prevent access to O365 account even if the ID/password  is leaked to wrong hands. In addition to regular username and password, a separate confirmation is required using mobile app. Alternative ways are a one-time code, a text message, or a call. More detailed justifications and necessity of MFA can be found here. After March 15, 2021, MFA is mandatory for JAMK staff. For students, using MFA will be voluntary.

Follow the instructions on this page to enable MFA for your account.

Things to notice

After enabling MFA, some old, incompatible applications will not work. Such can be for example some phone manufacturers ’own email applications.

JAMK’s ICT services recommends the following supported and tested applications:

  • Windows: Office 2016 or newer, Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise (formerly known as Office 365 proplus)
  • Android: Microsoft Outlook
  • MacOS: Apple Mail 12 or newer, Office 2016 or newer, Microsoft 365 for Mac
  • iOS: Microsoft Outlook

General introduction to enabling MFA

  • Enabling MFA only takes few minutes.
  • In addition to the desktop computer, you will need a mobile device to which you want to send MFA confirmation messages.
  • After starting the process, you will have few minutes to complete it. If this is not done quickly enough, the deployment will fail and the process will need to start over.
  • All settings will take effect within 15 minutes after the last phase.

Step-by-step instructions for enabling MFA

MFA is now enabled.

Here are few common questions/answers.