OneDrive at home computers and mobile devices


OneDrive is a part of Microsoft’s Office365 -cloud system. It allows users to save files to cloud and to access them from any device, anywhere, any time. You can access OneDrive using web browser or separate client software that is installed to device and which synchronizes files between cloud and device. If you want, you can replace your traditional homedrive (H-drive) with OneDrive, after you have first learned how to use it and also learned what differences there are between these two choices.

OneDrive client

OneDrive client is an application that is used to synchronize selected files and folders between local computer and Office365 cloud system when there is network connection available .

OneDrive client is installed automatically with Windows 10 operating system. If you have Windows 10, you can start OneDrive client and log in with your email address+password and configure few settings when starting client for the first time. Other operating systems may require that correct version of client is downloaded and installed manually.

Microsoft’s instructions to download and use OneDrive client can be found from here:

OneDrive with browser

It is possible to use OneDrive also with browser.

1.) Log in to Jamk’s Office365-service at
2.) After login, choose “OneDrive ” from application menu