Privacy Statements

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (2016/679)

Right of inspection

You have the right to request information about which data items related to you are stored in the personal data file or if the file has no data related to you. The information must be given to you in a comprehensible format, and if you wish, you may also receive the information in writing. You also have the right to know where the data in the file is regularly collected from, how the data is used and to which parties it is regularly disclosed.

You may inspect the data free of charge once a year. Requests are processed within one (1) month. If there are multiple requests or if the requests are complex, we will inform you if we need more time to process the request. In his case, the request will be processed within three (3) months of your original request. You can find more information about data subjects’ right of inspection on the website of the Data Protection Ombudsman.

The following forms are used to submit inspection or correction requests to JAMK. Requests should be addressed to the data protection officer in writing. You may also address the correction requests to the party defined in the privacy statement.

JAMK’s privacy statements

Data protection is important to us, and we wish to explain how we process personal data and for which purposes we process the data. A privacy statement or description of file must be produced for each service or system to be procured if personal data is processed in it, and the data subjects must be informed of their rights and the future processing of personal data.  A more detailed privacy statement for a scientific research file can be produced for personal data files maintained for scientific research. There are instructions for producing privacy statements on the ELMO intranet.

Some of the privacy statements have been produced on the ELMO intranet, which requires logging in to access.

Privacy Statement Tietosuojaseloste
Camera surveillance (JAMK) Kameravalvonta (JAMK)
Case management system (Tweb) Asianhallinta (Tweb)
Classroom Booking System (ASIO) Tilavarausjärjestelmä (ASIO)
Customer Register Library Asiakasrekisteri, kirjasto
Customer Register, JAMK Asiakasrekisteri, JAMK
Directory service (Active Directory – AD) Hakemistopalvelu (Active Directory – AD)
Document print management system (Papercut) Tulostushallintajärjestelmä (Papercut)
Document print management system (Safeq) Tulostushallintajärjestelmä (Safeq)
Electronic services Sähköinen asiointi -palvelu
e-mail system (Exchange) Sähköpostijärjestelmä (Exchange)
Enrollment and application system of continuing education (Short course) Koulutukseen ilmoittautumis- ja hakujärjestelmä (LYHKI)
Exam-room camera surveillance system (Exam)                                    Kameravalvonta, tenttitila (Exam)
Identity management system (HALKO) Käyttöoikeuksien hallinta (HALKO)
Idm External users (HALKO ) Käyttöoikeuksien hallinta, ulkoiset käyttöoikeudet (HALKO)
Online exam -applications Sähköinen tenttiminen (Exam)
Plagiarism handling system Plagioinninesto-ohjelma (Urgund)
Recruitment system (Taito) Rekrytointijärjestelmä (TAITO)
Study information system ASIO Opintotietojärjestelmä (ASIO)
Ticketing system (ServiceDesk) Tiketöintijärjestelmä (ServiceDesk)
Web-based learning environment (OPTIMA) and ePortfolio online ( Verkko-oppimisympäristö (OPTIMA) ja ePortfolio (
Video based professional learning platform (IRIS Connect) Videokuvausjärjestelmä (IRIS Connect)
Asiakasrekisteri (opintopsykologi)
Henkilöstöhallintajärjestelmä (HR)
Henkilöstökuvien rekisteri
Julkaisutietojen ilmoittaminen
Julkaisualusta (WordPress)
Julkaisutietojen tallennuspalvelut (JUSTUS)
Kameravalvonta, kirjasto
Kilpailutus- ja pienhankinta (Cloudia)
Kirjanpito-reskontra (Intime)
Kulunvalvonta ja työajanseurantajärjestelmä (ESMIKKO)
Kyselytutkimustyökalu (Webropol)
Laajennetun todellisuuden pilvipalvelu (Arilyn Manager)
Laskujentarkastus (Workflow)
Ilmoittautumis- ja lukuvuosi-ilmoittautumispalvelu (OILI)
Maksuliikenne (Basware)
Matkavarausjärjestelmä (HRG Online)
Matkustuksenhallinta (Trip and Expence)
Palkanlaskentajärjestelmä (Personec F ja ESS)
Projektinhallintajärjestelmä (Reportronic)
Virtuaalikokouspalvelu (Zoom)