Problems with O365 email service – fixed

Several users have reported about problems with their O365 maiboxes today. Problem does not affect all users and even symptoms are not the same for all users affected. Some cannot open Outlook at all, or their mobile device synchronization does not work. It is also possible that Outlook does not work within browser. Few users have reported that the problem was solved automatically.

We have opened a support case to Microsoft, but it is still unclear how many users are affected and how long it takes to fix it. We will update this article as needed.

Edit. 21:41
According to latest update by Microsoft, the problem should now be resolved.

It may be necessary to reboot mobile device and/or remove and then add synchronization account again to restore sync.

If your desktop Outlook client does not start normally, it may require the so called Outlook profile to be recreated. Your local ICT-Support can help with this.