Scam calls to JAMK staff and students

There has been a lot of news in the media recently about scam calls, where the caller usually says in English that the recipient’s computer has a virus or some other problem and that the caller would want to connect to the machine remotely to fix the situation. Alternatively, the caller only asks for contact information and/or tries to sell market shares etc. Whatever the method, the ultimate purpose of these is to trick the subject with either IDs or money.

If the call is inadvertently answered and then disconnected, it is not advisable to call back. Calls usually come from abroad, but they may also also come from counterfeit Finnish numbers.

There have been some scam calls to JAMK staff as well, and it is worth remindind that these are indeed scam calls and that there is no need to respond to these kind of calls in any way. Operators are doing their best to prevent these, but it is technically challenging.

More on this topic on the Cyber ​​Security Centre’s website (Finnish)