Email does not provide an easy-to-use and reliable mechanism for securing message content and therefore sending any sensitive information via email is not allowed. To address this shortcoming, we use Deltagon SecureMail service (only for staff).

Securemail allows you to send and receive messages securely to any email address. Traffic is protected and messages are encrypted/locked with Deltagon MessageLock ™ technology. The message content itself is not sent to the recipient, but only the link to open it. The recipient also has an option to reply via secure channel.

Anyone can send messages to any Jamk personnel through Securemail without restrictions at, but for outbound access Securemail is only available for limited set of users whose job description involves processing confidential information with external partners. This is because of licensing and usage costs.

There are two levels to choose. Stronger method require a separate PIN code that is sent via SMS to open the message.

Getting Started

If you need Securemail at your work, please create a helpdesk ticket and provide also the name of your computer (the computer name is located in the upper right corner of the desktop). ICT-Services will then install Outlook add-on to your machine, which allows you to make additional encryption choices. Teams also has a group called “Turvaposti”, which provides more information and detailed instructions for users of the service.

Remember that there is no need to encrypt all email communication. Therefore, you should only enable encryption on a per-message basis when you are handling privacy-protected material. There is no need to separately encrypt Jamk internal email traffic.