This is a reminder for not to open any suspicious messages/attachments, or click the links within them. Even messages from colleagues cannot always be trusted since the sender information may be faked or account may have been breached.

Within last few days, there have been several occations where JAMK staff/student accounts have been used to send spam and to collect new accounts/passwords. Many emails have had a link to external site outside of JAMK’s network, which then asks users to log in. If username/password has been entered, they ends up to wrong hands. If the message itself does not include any viruses as attachment, it is very difficult to protect users from these kind of messages via automatic scanning.

If you have opened a link in the suspicious message and entered your login details, change your password immediately! Remember to update the changed password to all devices you use, so that your account won’t get locked because of logins with old password.

Instructions for changing the password

Update 1.5.2018, 21:55
Looks like there are several users that have been fooled. ICT-services has locked all accounts that have been detected by abnormal account login activity. It is possible to re-enable account again by changing password. It is advised to check all inbox rules and other possible abnormalities. If needed, you may consult local ICT-support.

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