Staff mailboxes will be migrated to Office 365 cloud service at summer / autumn 2016

Staff mailboxes have been located at JAMK’s on-premise Exchange mail system. Next autumn mailboxes will be migrated to Microsoft’s Office365 cloud service.

Office365 (or “O365”) is already familiar service to most, but not necessarily as an email system. Students have been using Office365 as their main email system for a long time and as a whole it is good that the teachers and other staff members have the same view to O365’s services. O365 also has few features that have not been available without a mailbox, so this limitation is fixed at the same time. After migration, staff members can use all of Office365 basic services.

Office365 is used with familiar Outlook client or it’s browser equivalent. Login is done using the same username/password as usual, since Office365 is connected to JAMK’s other ICT-infrastructure in the background.

When will the mailbox migration begin?
The migration will take place in august-september 2016.

It is possible to move single mailboxes from now on, and if you want to start using O365 and other new features enabled by it as soon as possible, just ask this via Helpdesk. Notice! If you want to have your mailbox migrated now and you need to send mail from shared mailboxes using their name, it is not possible until shared mailboxes are migrated too (autumn). Reading emails from shared mailboxes works just fine.

What do I need to do?
Not necessarily anything. Migration system will send you an email when your mailbox transfer has begun. Depending on the size of the mailbox, the migration takes 1-2 hours. You can access your mailbox normally throughout the period of migration. When the process is complete, you receive a second email, that you do not necessarily even notice, since at the same time your email client probably asks for your email address and password to create a connection to Office365.

Please enter your email address and password if requested by the application (and click also “remember login/password”, so that it does not constantly ask for them) and if necessary, start Outlook again. Skype will also need to be restarted because Skype ID is transferred to Office365 at the same time. If all went like planned, nothing else needs be done.

Mobile devices may require you to to remove and re-add email account. This depends on the device and also the way in which the account was originally created. If the account was added using email address, you probably don’t have to do anything. If needed, consult your local ICT-support.

What happens to my email archive?
Email archive is a machine-specific feature and its use is not actually recommended at JAMK. However, if you have previously moved messages to your personal archive folder on your computer, it is possible that the archive must be connected to Office365 mailbox again after migration. In the future, you might want to move all archived messages directly to your online mailbox, since Office365’s 50GB mailbox space should not run out anytime soon.

What is the point in all this / Why migrate at all?

  • Mailbox size limit will increase (2GB -> 50GB)
  • All Office365’s features automatically integrate also to the mail system
  • Various Outlook applications that are available to mobile devices begin to operate (eg Outlook for Android, Outlook Groups etc.)
  • In addition to traditional distribution, we can use more versatile O365-Groups (details)
  • Students have been using Office365 as their main email system for a long time and as a whole it is good that the staff members have the same view to O365’s services.
  • Shared mailboxes and other resources function the same way between all users in the future
  • Office365 gives us cost benefits (server capacity and simpler management) and its basic functionality is included in our Microsoft agreement anyway

There are few negative side effects too

  • Microsoft guarantees that hardware failures won’t affect anything, but from now on we do not have local backups of mailboxes and it is not possible to restore old accidentally deleted messages.
  • Office 365 is evolving rapidly and while that is generally a good thing, we don’t have the ability to affect to all changes and their schedules etc.