Student’s O365 logins not working! – Fixed

History repeats itself, since while investigating students Skype login problem, Microsoft support made some changes to login service and after that the situation escalated and now all students are unable to login to any Office365 services again. Microsoft has raised the priority of our support ticket and their backend product group is informed. At the moment we do not have estimate how long it takes to fix this.

Update 20.12.2016, 21:00
We have agreed with Microsoft support that since they are unable to fix this situation as quickly we would like to (as it requires changes to the program code within O365 service), we will perform some temporary maintenance to student accounts during the night, after which the logins should again be successful, and the situation somewhat stabilized.

This is an intermediate step that affects for example to the automatic login to O365 service at JAMK workstations and possibly login has to be made through different login page (we’ll inform about this if and when we know more). This is a necessary step while fixing the original problem.

Update 21.12.2016, 02:35
Temporary fix for student’s O365 accounts has been applied and students are now able to log in at (use email address as login name). Also Skype is working again.

This is a temporary situation on the way towards final fix and it means that that there are other changes needed that will cause service interruptions before service is stable and available from normal login page etc.

Update 27.12.2016, 14:00
All Office365 login problems with student accounts has been fixed and also Skype client is working normally with all JAMK accounts. Login page to O365 web interface is