Update about Zoom’s cloud recording

Over the weekend, Nordunet disabled Zoom’s so-called AWS service, i.e. Zoom in the Amazon cloud, where alse cloud recording and streaming have been available. As previously announced, all Jamk’s users were transferred on Friday, March 26th. from AWS to Nordunet’s local Zoom platform.

We have now been able to negotiate some extended flexibility with CSC. Staff memebers who absolutely need Zoom cloud storage in their work can be enabled the same way as it was before. All 800 staff users will not be automatically enabled with this feature. Request must be made through the Helpdesk system (category “Information Systems and Services” -> “Video Conferencing (Adobe Connect / Zoom)”.

Nordunet is still working to implement their own cloud storage solution, where users’ recordings would go directly to, for example, Panopto. However, this is not available yet.