Upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10 now and avoid interrupting your work at the wrong time!

Update 15.3.2020

Automatic update cancelled. Users can still do manual update at any moment.

The latest version upgrade (for Windows 10 version 1909) is now available for staff. You can start the installation yourself at any time.
You can start installation after working day and lock your computer. The installation will take the necessary steps in the background.

Installation Procedure:

1) Start the Software Center from your desktop
2) Select “Updates” from the left menu
3) Select “Windows 10 version 1909 upgrade” and select “Install”
4) You can operate the machine normally during pre-installation. After a few moments, the system will prompt you to restart the machine, after which the installation will continue. Depending on the machine, the installation time after reboot is approximately 20-60 minutes. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose the time when you do not need the machine.
5) Installation is complete when the login screen is displayed normally. All installed programs and files are saved.

Contact ICT support if you have a problem.

NOTE! Unless manual installation is done, installation will start automatically on Thursday 19.3.2020.