Upgrade your computer to Windows 10 before holidays!

In JAMK we are transitioning to Windows 10 operating system by fall 2016. We recommend that you the update your workstation/laptop before summer holidays, so that there won’t be an interruption to your work at a bad time after holidays. Classroom workstations have already been updated.

Please contact ICT-services as soon as possible via Helpdesk and book a suitable time to upgrade your computer!

You must backup all of your local files (from C-drive) prior updating. Update includes changes that require complete wipe to computer.

Why upgrade

  • Windows 10 contains a lot of new features, updates and fixes that are not available to old Windows 7.
  • Windows 7 is more than 6 years old and there will be no more updates released to it.
  • Windows 10 contains new security features that enhance safety and prevents spreading of malware/viruses. Personal files of users are also protected better than before.
  • Windows 10 supports touch screen computers/mobile devices.
  • Windows 10 enables us to deliver modern desktop environment to staff and students.