What is my username

All students and staff members needs a personal username and password to log in to JAMK network and desktops. Student use studentnumber@student.jamk.fi and staff use firstname.lastname@jamk.fi. Some services might require userq to log in with short username, which is just student number for students and if you are a staff member, then your username has been automatically created from first letters of your name.

Account is created automatically, but password for it must be set by user.

You can check your username and change its password with your Finnish online bank account ID using password change service at https://vetuma.jamk.fi.

If you do not have a suitable online bank ID or there are some other problems using service, please contact student services (students) or Helpdesk (staff). Prepare to prove your identity.


Some account types require users to change password from time to time. If password is not changed after system has requested it, account may lock automatically. To prevent problems, please make sure your password is unique and long and complex enough, and also change your password often.