Wihi thesis guidance – Privacy Statement

EU yleinen tietosuoja-asetus (2016/679)

1 Name of the register

Wihi thesis guidance

2 Controller

Jamk University of Applied Sciences
P.O. Box 207
FI-40101 Jyväskylä, Finland

3 Contact person in matters concerning the register, contact information during office hours

Register and process managerSirpa Tuomi
TitleEducational Development Manager
Unit/ Support serviceUniversity Services
Content Main UserAnne Luukkonen
TitleAdministrative Planner
Unit/ Support serviceUniversity Services
Tekninen pääkäyttäjäEduix Oy

4 Purpose of the processing of personal data

Teaching, managing a legal obligation, i.e. teaching at Jamk.

Only personal data of users that is necessary for the project is stored and processed in the Wihi system. According to the contract, Jamk orders maintenance and support services related to the Wihi system from the system supplier. In order to resolve the service request, the system supplier may have to process the information of the customer, employees and students or persons belonging to other stakeholders in order to resolve the service request.

5 Data contents of the register and groups of registered users

Jamk’s contact persons are responsible for processing personal data in accordance with JAMK’s personal data processing instructions.

Groups of registered users: Students, staff, stakeholders

Store as personal data in the register

– Name

– Phone numbe

– Email address Jamk

– Student number

– Degree programme

– User name

Other: For the logged-in person, ID, Wihi-related access rights, study rights.

Study entitlement information: education type, education rating, the sum of completed studies, teaching language, study entitlement start and end dates

Metadata related to doing the thesis, assessment information, files sent to the system by the student and tutor as well as communication between tutor and student.

6 Legal bases for processing personal data

Jamk has the right to process personal data as a controller, because the processing is necessary due to statutory and obligation reasons. The right can also be based on a contract or consent. Organizing teaching, managing study affairs and the planning of teaching and learning requires the existence of a register.

7 Regular information sources

When logging in, the Wihi system reads data from the Peppi system via the interface. The exception is the name and e-mail address of the external handler, which the tutor or student enters into Wihi if necessary.

8 Regular information disclose and information transfer outside the EU or the European Economic Area

Information is not transferred outside the EU or EEA and/or to international organizations.

9 Register protection principles

Care is taken when processing the register and the information processed with the help of information systems is properly protected. The register processor ensures that stored data, server access rights and other data critical to the security of personal data are handled confidentially and only by those employees whose job description it is.

No manual material.

The network and server devices are located in a locked space in Finland, to which access is restricted. The network and servers are properly protected.

Users defined by Jamk for the external service can log into the Wihi system. The rights to view and process data are guided by the user roles defined by Jamk in the rights source system.

The data of the person ordering the thesis is visible to the coordinator, tutor, 2nd examiner and the student. Only the student and tutor can access the subscriber’s confidential information.

A limited number of employees of the system supplier can access personal data in connection with maintenance tasks according to the contract.

10 Retention period or criteria for determining

If necessary, the coordinator can delete the thesis data via the user interface of the Wihi system. Data can also be deleted directly from the database.

Personal data is stored in Wihi for 2 years from the date of archiving the thesis. The deletions are made by the system administrator.

Theses and related steps are stored in the system for later analysis.

The information concerning the higher education institution will be deleted in its entirety when the agreement regarding the use of the system is terminated or the use of the system otherwise ends at the higher education institution.

11 Automatic decision-making/profiling

Automatic decision making/ profiling related to personal data is not conducted.

12 Rights of the Data Subject

Read more information about the Jamk’s Privacy Policy, Data Protection Officer and the rights of the data subject and their implementation.