Yammer sign in issue (fixed)

Microsoft says:


Title: Yammer sign-in and performance issue

User Impact: Users may observe that the Yammer Activity Stream Ticker is not updating as expected.

More info: Previously, users may have experienced failures or delays while signing in to or using the Yammer service. Users who were able to sign in may have observed that a subset of features were not working as expected. For example, message posting, notifications, and feeds may not have functioned properly or may have been delayed.

Current status: We’ve completed the configuration updates; however, we’re continuing to monitor performance patterns to ensure the service is healthy. In the meantime, all Yammer features are working as expected with the exception of the Yammer Activity Stream Ticker. We intend on re-enabling the Activity Stream at 7:00 PM UTC on January 5, 2018 after verifying that the service is healthy.

Start time: Thursday, January 4, 2018, at 3:20 AM UTC