Zoom @Jamk

Jamk uses Zoom as a service provided by Nordunet (Funet Miitti), which is not entirely the same as the public Zoom. In Funet Miitti, video and audio traffic only pass through NORDUnet and Funet. The server rooms are located in the EU. Funet Miitti has been implemented through NORDUnet in accordance with Finnish law and European data protection regulations.


Jamk’s Zoom ie Funet Miitti uses NORDUnet servers located in Denmark and Sweden. Funet Miitti’s video and audio traffic only runs in the Nordic countries only and is always encrypted. The public Zoom has no access to videos or audio from Miiitti meetings. The validation of the Zoom license is done through Zoom’s own European-based cloud service.

User privacy

The user’s first name, last name, e-mail address and ip address are transmitted to Zoom licensing servers located in Europe for the purpose of validating the Zoom license.

Funet Miitti – privacy statement (in Finnish)

Virtual meeting services – privacy statement (login required) (in Finnish)

Attendee attention tracking

The meeting organizer may have previously seen whether the Zoom window for the online meeting to participate is active or not. Access to this feature is completely disabled by administration.


Some Zoom meetings have been attended by uninvited guests or they have been disrupted with inappropriate video footage. This is only possible if a link to an open meeting is available. The meeting organizer can restrict access to the meeting, for example by using password or login requirements. The organizer can also determine whether to allow all or only registered users to join the meeting by selecting “only authenticated users can join”.

When all participants have joined the meeting, the meeting organizer can lock the room if they wish. In addition, an individual participant may be removed by the organizer during the meeting. The organizer may also limit the participants’ ability to share the screen, display video or use chat.

Keep uninvited guests out of your zoom event

Zoom versions for iOS devices

Older Zoom version for iOS devices has been using Facebook developer tools, which have passed users’ general device information (application version, language, processor type, time zone, etc.) to third parties. Latest version of Zoom does not user Facebook SDK anymore. So it’s time to update the app

Zoom’s blog about iOS Client

Update Zoom client

Update Zoom client regularly with software client’s Check for updates functionality (client may do it automatically when it starts). Information about the latest updates can be found https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201361953-New-Updates-for-Windows

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